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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX News  November 7, 2012 2:00am-5:00am EST

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he will meet with governor romney to seek ways to move this country forward. >> president obama said democracy can be messy and complicated, but these arguments we have are a mark of our liberty. he said in the weeks ahead, he wants to reach out, as megyn said and all of this talk around the country has made him a better president. saying, whether you voted for me the first time or not, we have a long way to go and things to do and the best is yet to come in the united states. i tell you, it's interesting to watch as these pictures coming in live from mccormick place in chicago. the crowd, obviously enthused by this speech. he is trying to reach across the aisle with this speech. the challenge will be, the challenge that lies ahead as this lame-duck congress has to
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deal with some big issues in the next few weeks. and then tall begins again. it is hard to believe, but the iowa caucuses. >> don't say it. >> are 1,154 and days -- >> you had to go there. >> i did. we just finished! >> i know. i'm in pol particulars. >> it is the reporter. >> i am covering politics. >> i am into taking a break. [chuckles] >> listen, we are so honored to have all of you with us here tonight. we greatly appreciate you spenning the evening with the fox newschannel, not just tonight, but throughout the days and weeks preceding tonight and those that will follow, as we keep giving you fair and balanced coverage and bringing the perspective and context. that will do it for us in america's election headquarters. stay tuned for complete analysis tomorrow on america live with yours truly. >> with me, on special report.
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as 6:00 p.m. eastern. it's an honor and a pleasure to have you along with this ride. it has been quite a ride, hasn't it? >> it has been great working with you. >> you too. a lot of fun. >> iowa, remember that? wait! you pointed out, it's coming again. >> we continue now can jame -- jamie colby and gregg jarrett. i'm a conservative investor.
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>> well, the map to the white house for another four years. american voters giving president barack obama a second term. and governor mitt romney conceding defeat after a very hard-fought race. welcome to a bland brand hour of fox news election coverage. i'm gregg jarrett. >> i'm jamie colby. good thing we rested up because there is so much to talk about. for weeks it's been a neck-and-neck contest, with most analysts predicting it would go down to the wire. in then, barack obama captured battleground states, including ooh higho -- ohio, iowa and colorado, giving him the electoral votes he needed to win the re-election. just moments ago, he thanked his supporters for the victory. >> i just spoke with governor romney and i congratulated him and paul ryan on a hard-fought campaign.
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we may have battled fiercely, but it's only because we love this country deeply and we care so strongly about its future. from george to lenore to their son mitt, the romney family has chose tone give back to americans through public service. that is their legacy that we honor and applaud tonight. [cheering] >> word also that governor romney spoke by phone with the president to congratulate him on the victory. then the former g.o.p. challenger graciously accepted defeat before a crowd of his own supporters, that were gathered outside his campaign headquarters in boston. >> i have just called president obama to congratulate him on his victory, his supporters and his campaign also deserve congratulations. i wish all of them well. but particularly the president,
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the first lady and their daughters. this is a time of great challenges for america. and i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> paul ryan will return to washington, not as the next vice-president. but he did win re-election to the congressional seat he has held since 1998. >> the g.o.p. will remain in control of the house of representatives, the democrats failing to gets close to the 218 seats needed for a majority. the house speaker john boehner, obviously very pleased to retain his leadership role. >> for two years, our house majority has been the primary line of defense for the american people against a government that spends too much, taxes too much, certainly borrows too much, when it's left unchecked. and in the face of a staggering national debt that threatens our
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children's future, our majority passed a budget that begins to solve the problems. now, while others chose inaction in the face of this threat, we offered solutions. and the american people want solutions. and tonight, they have responded by renewing our house republican majority. >> the republicans will now have 221 seats, the 164 for the democrats. one wonders whether the leader the democratic party in the house, nancy pelosi, will retain her leadership role. we'll be talking about that tonight. >> eric kantor did win as well. a factoid for you. we will fill you in on on everything. there were no big surprises in the senate, it turns out. the democrats will remain in the majority. senate leader harry reid calling for more unity this time around.
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>> i look at the challenges that we have ahead of us and i reach out to my rather than colleagues in the senate and in the house, let's come togetherful we know what the issues are, let's solve them. >> take a look at the senate. 51 democrats, of course, 51 being the majority there. and that's what they had before. so essentially, at then of the night tonight, what we are seeing so far is pretty much the status quo. >> three more seats need to be called. so we are keeping a close eye on that. we can call alaska this hour, in... the romney column. 55% of the votes to 41%. our decision desk is calling that for mitt romney. tot won't make a material difference, already in the race, which has been called in favor of the president. >> all right.
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florida, take a look there. this is another race that was considered to be very, very important for both candidates. we have been following all along, ohio and now florida. still too close to call, as you can see. very, very close. we will let you know how that goes. >> just a difference of 65,000 votes there. and there is a level at which there would be an automatic recall. so we will keep an eye on the difference number for you throughout the early morning now. >> as exciting as it is to have gregg and me here with you at this hour, we wouldn't just give you us. we have a super panel. you are going to want to stick around the next couple of hours. joining us on the set, pollster for president cartedder is here and the former adviser to the democratic new jersey frank lautenberg and fox news analyst. and the bureau chief with talk radio news service.
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i can tell you from hanging out in the green room, they are all fired up. should we get startd? >> let's do it. pat, let me can you, this was predicted to be the most expensive general election in u.s. history, tons of money spent. in the end, president obama retains the presidency, the senate still in the hands of the democrats. the house with the republicans, what did we learn from spending all that money? >> well, i mean, we didn't learn a lot, i guess. you can say this, the democrats may gain in the senate, the republicans should have won this year, which raises real questions about the republican brand and viability. the second thing is, in the house, the republicans already have 221 seats, fifty five seats left in play. they have -- if they split even 20 more seats out of that, they will get more seats than they have. the president was as close as we thought it would be. but what is ark mazing is -- this is where the money paid off, you have to have -- give
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obam at pt credit, the obama campaign for putting the money in the ground game they did. they caused -- in every one of these swing states so far, but one -- north carolina -- those states went to the president governor romney lost all of them. we had a close election. i believe that... there will be a lot of talk about what happened. but i have to say this, the romney campaign had 90 minutes of brilliance in the first debate and his run, i think, the worst campaign -- i have said this -- gregg knows this, the worst campaign in the history of the modern presidential race. >> you have unemployment -- real unemployment 14.6%, 25 million people under-employed. gdp is anemicats a half percent
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annualizessed, $16 trillion in debt, gasoline prices have doubled under president obama and he gets re-elected. he presided. how do you explain that? >> messaging and advocacy, we had a contentious primary with the republicans. we had a big battle. by the time mitt romney won the nomination, he had to introduce himself at the republican convention. >> you are blaming this on rick peri-- >> no, i am not -- >> newt gingrich. >> it is what it is, it is what it is. we had a contentious, but this is what our country is our country worked today. in the primary process, it's about getting out the vote and getting the support of the peel. the bottom line is this, we had a divided party, we had the tea partyers and mitt romney was seen more as a moderate. now, i just saw a press release from the tea party network, this is what will be bad for republicans. they have said, no more dull, me
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more mccain, no more romneys, we are looking for true conserveatism. that's not good for the country. >> i wanted to ask pat a follow-up. maybe we will ping pong. we are so curious about so much. pat, we talked about spending money on the campaign or the dam pain -- campaign spending the mon oat election. but whatted about the taxpayer money in ohio and michigan. the auto industry bailout, did that play a role in bringing in, in particular, ohio, a very important state? >> oh, sure, it does. the power of the incumbency, you can't blame the obama administration, the ability to divert federal funds, projects whatever. that comes with the territory. it's called incumbent. but go back to greek's point. this president presided over -- what most voters would say would be a disastrous record. look, in the boat of people who said the economy today is poor, in staying the same, 34% of
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those voters voted for obama. >> how do you explain it. >> because romney became unacceptable because there were other issues that factored. and because, and the primary's divisive -- no, no. the republicans needed to defeat obama, as said a year ago, by uniof this year, with the voters in the middle class. romney's problem is he got nominated by destroying his opponents. maybe -- [overlapping dialogue] >> he got destroyed in return by being run over by obama. but he had the momentum of there was a chance he to win. that last debate, giving up libya, what i said that night and said immediately afterwards, that not having a contrast in the hurricane, with the president's handling was a disaster -- you're a challenger, you don't hold the ball. >> after ohio, the mitt romney campaign made a mistake in running that commercial by
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saying that the obama administration was going to move jobs from ohio to china and then they had to pull that ad, remember that. i think that really hurt him in the end in ohio -- >> let me bring you into this conversation, julie. just before the election, the polling data, especially fox news showed three things, romney was leading on the economy, he was leading among voter enthusiasm. he was leading among independents. you lead in all three of those groups, how do you lose? >> i guess the data was wrong. bottom line, if you look at the aggregate polls, whether it is real clear politics or other averages, obama never lost his lead. never. not after denver. it got tighter -- >> yes, he did [overlapping dialogue] >> the polling averages --. >> i am talking nationally -- >> no, no. >> okay, okay. >> the swing states determine
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the electoral college. to go back to my earlier poign, i don't think you can blame this on sandy or a divisive primary. you can blame this on the following. you have a republican party that no longer reflect what is america looks like. you have a republican party that was rightly or wrongly, perceived to be disenfranchising latinos and women -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the popular vote, it is evenly divided. >> look at the gender -- >> dirty divisive -- [overlapping dialogue] >> excuse me. the election is over. look at the returns. obama won the latino voters -- >> it doesn't matter how we -- >> let me finish my point. >> julie, finish your point. >> as i said, rightly or wrongly, you have a republican party perceived by latinos as wanted being on there side, women, want on their side. if the republican party doesn't understand they have to expand
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their brand and they are no longer representing white men, they will continue to lose. the more they fight that fact, the longer you will have results like this. >> promoting riskal responsibility only represents the white male brand. >> the race is over. we are discussing demographics. >> unwaivering supporter from barack obama, no doubt about it. >> right! >> i am from the great state of ohio. >> we only have a minute. but we are going to have you back. >> okay. i have a lot to say tonight. >> is that, it looked like in the early exit polling that president obama was seen as more capable on foreign affairs. he used that in his campaign, taking out of osama bin laden and then libya happened and benghazi. how do you reconcile? >> i think that people saw him as a leader, i think they -- you know, i like to say, as you know, i work a lot in africa. people don't care so much about
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foreign policy until they see a tank coming up their driveway. it is not the main concern of the american people -- >> even when four americans died? >> i think the economy, i think the women's issues and i think have you to look at 55 to 43 -- 55 to 43 was the women vote for obama versus romney. i think the people -- you know, i am in talk radio. we always like to say that people care about front porch back-fence issues. they do. that's how they voted. [overlapping dialogue] >> everybody has a lot more to say. >> we are going to goat back to you in just a moment. president obama winning a second term, by a large electoral vote, margin tonight. but the popular vote -- very tight and some reports of voting irregularities. could there be a post-election legal battle? we will have an attorney here. >> we will go live outside the
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white house. straight ahead. america's election headquarters continues after a quick break. and you pick the price that works for you. great. whoa, whoa, jamie. watch where you point that thing. [ mocking ] "watch where you point that thing." you point yours, i point mine.
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>> there were predictions of all sorts of shenanigans at polling places and there were definitely a number of incidents reported. investigations going on right now. we invited doug bush, a federal attorney to join us right now, on the phone with us. doug, good evening. >> good morning, jamie. >> it was a nail biter. >> yes. it was a rollercoaster ride. a number of things were reported. big picture first, what do you see that needs to change in order to let everybody who wants to vote vote, in order to make sure every vote is counted and to make sure we don't have any questions, ever, about a validity of an election result? >> well, you are always going to have a lot of problems. you are going to have military and absentee ballots. you are going to have problems with exactly how early voting works and how long it's going to last. you are going to have problems as you saw today, yamy, where the polls closed, if they said
2:24 am
those who remained in line can vote. those are all controversial, back and forth. the other larger problem, which was averted to is a willing seminar, the popular vote versus the electoral college. we have had four presidents, maybe even more, but a little history lesson, george w. bush, john quincy adams, benjamin harrison, rutherford b. hayes all lost the popular vote and won the election and the electoral college, decided by the houses of representatives, but to answer your specific question, i mean, we have to make sure -- after 2000, which came down to one state, florida. of course, we all recall all the problems in counting the votes and the physical chads or holes on the ballots. today, when we went to vote, including myself, obviously, we
2:25 am
filled out a sheet and we scanned it into a computer -- >> some places. in some places. but there were places where that didn't work. they only had 50 paper ballots. people were turned away. how can this happen in america? >> well, no. that's a very, very good point. first of all, you also have to factor in, the horrific storm, hurricane sandy. that created a lot of problems. they apparently were allowing email voting from new jersey. you know, of course, there are questions about, you know, how viable that is, albeit, that's essentially a democratic state. but, you know, there was the help america vote act. i don't know if you remember that in 2002, after the bush v. gore debacle, for lack of a better term and that particular legislation addressed things like, getting away from these manual but the fact of the
2:26 am
matter is, we need, you know, stint vigilance. there are all kinds of problems. you also had people ostensibly intimidating voters. in philadelphia, i am sure you saw that. member of the black panther standing there. last time, four years ago, one of them had a billy club and so the question is, did that have an effect on the election? >> but there was also, doug, let me just jump in because we don't have unlimited time. there was a mural of president obama at one of the polling stations, at a school that some voters took issue with and they covered that up. also the fact that you mentioned new jersey, they're extending time for at least the referendum portion of that, until the end of the week. we understand it's because of a storm. but if a polling place is not equipped to take the rotes or count the votes. i know a couple of military folk who is never got their ballots,
2:27 am
can we declare an election is the full decision of everybody who is entitled to vote? >> it's a great observation. real quick, the image of the president in that polling place was just, you know, beyond bizarre, first of all, it plainly violates the law. no electioneering on the site. it was ultimately half covered up, i am sure you saw that visual, with posters. but one voter made a great point. he said, man, you would expect this in some type of intensely communist country, like russia, where you would see the leader peering down at you. i found the symbolism of that to be crazy. it is interesting, we lawyers -- and i know you are one of themue know, you talk about the academics and the pragmatics and the reality is when you have a situation like 2000 where florida was 537 votes, you know, then the concerns are that much
2:28 am
more acute -- >> i have to leave it -- >> not that the concerns are not good. but i think tonight we do one way or the other have a more decisive result. >> in any event, all worth evaluating as we look toward a future election, a case in ohio, using software that had not been tested to the extent that they wanted. we are going to continue to look at this in the days and weeks to come. we appreciate, doug, you being with us. >> my pleasure. >> we switch to wash d. scpr. bob cusack. brad blakeman is here. brad, let me start of -- start with you. no president has been re-leaked with such high unemployment and abysmal economic conditions. in search of an answer as to how he did it, maybe we find the answer in the fox exit poll, more than half of the voters blamed george bush for the bad
2:29 am
economy, not barack obama. is your former boss in some regard to blame for this? >> i don't believe he is. i think that the president made a good case of blaming george bush for the four years he has been president and didn't take responsibility himself. but i think the american people gave this president, if anything, the benefit of the doubt. but there is a heck of a lot of doubt. and now, be careful what you wish for, everything you said in your acceptance speech tonight, you will have to make good on, in your second term to be successful and to have a legacy. the ball's in his court because it's groundhog day. we are back at square one. the house is in control of the republicans. the senate's in control of the democrats. we have obama back in the white house. >> let me stick with you for just a second. bob, we will get to you in just a minute. given the fact that the president arguably no longer has to pannedder to his base to be re-elected, will he pivot to the center and triangulate in the way bill clinton did, much earlier, of course, in his presidency? >> well, if president obama's
2:30 am
smart, he would have bill clinton at the white house and try to figure out how it is that he now morphs himself into bill clinton for his legacy and not only that, for our country. he has to be the president that he promised he would be. he has to be bipartisan now in order to get things done for the tough problems, sequestration, budgeting, debt. he cannot do this alone as he tried to do the first four years. >> bob, the president's strategy early on -- and he spent months and tens of millions of dollars doing it, was to define mitt romney as a rapacious, vulture capitalist. how much of that actually stuck and led to his re-election victory? >> i think some of it definitely stuck. i mean, the president's campaign effectively define defined mitt romney. and romney's campaign did not fire back, probably as quickly as they should have. there are a lot of reasons why mitt romney lost. he lost the hispanic vote and
2:31 am
likeability. he made up some ground in the first debate. but he was awkward. i agree with brad that the voters gave the incumbent the benefit of the doubt. >> another thing we found from the exit polls, we knew this before the election, but his push to raise taxes on the so-called rich, those earning more than $250,000 was very popular, large pluralities approve that. that was a factor, too? >> yeah, i think so. the polls do show that. and now, the pressure's really on speaker john boehner because the president is certainly not going to go along with extenning the bush tax rates as he did in 2010, when he took a shellacking. so pressure's on boehner. boehner's saying, hey, we kept the house, but the big prize is the white house. >> brad, did romney need to be more negative? or at the very least, do a better job of responding to all of the negative ads, directed at him? >> i think that he certainly
2:32 am
could have been more aggressive, having said that, i am very proud of the race that mitt romney won -- ran. and i think that he held his head up high and he did the things he had to do. monday morning quarterbacking will certainly go on. but overall, i think that mitt romney did a good job. at the end of the day, they gave the benefit of the doubt to the sitting president, the incumbent. i don't find much fault with mitt romney's campaign. i think he ran a good campaign, but we had a brutal primary, which obamma was not challenged as a sitting president. so he got to sitted back and watch the republicans knock each other out. in that respect, i think romney missed the opportunity of having the kind of election season that this president was lucky enough to have by not being challenged. >> recrimination in washington is blood sport. it is only beginning. it is going to get interesting.
2:33 am
brad blakeman, bob cusack, thank you. >> where do you go when the president retains the white house, gregg? you go to the white house. there are big crowds outside the white house tonight. when the announcement came that barack obama was re-elected for a second term. kelley wright is live there with the crowds. still a lot of folks? >> reporter: jamie, good morning. thousands of crowds out here. some of them vishave dispersed and others have moved beyond me, 100 yards away from me. you can see the shadows of people playing drums and still being very jubilant. i must tell you on my way over here, coming in to report to our d.c. bureau, as i passed by here, you could hear horns blowing and people yelling, four more years. and we also were able to talk to a couple of people, several people throughout this crowd. let's give you a sample what they have been talking about, since the announcement of the
2:34 am
barack obama re-election. >> a victory for tolerance. this is a victory for reasonableness and level-headedness over the disappear intimination. >> this is not about individuals. we are all in this together. >> once-in-a-life've time experience. >> of course, we had doubts. we didn't take it for granted. we are very thrilled. >> they didn't take it for granted. an 18-year-old who voted for the first time. this is something, a first for me. i am talking to patricia mcdougal from belize. she became a citizen three years ago, have you voted for the first time tonight. >> absolutely. i tell you, i stood in line for an hour and-a-half in virginia. it was something else for him to win today. and i had to make my way over here to the white house because it was so special for me. i am so proud of him. >> reporter: you are attending howard university, social work,
2:35 am
you are a professional photographer. what do you make of all of this election and how does the president move forward, in helping the country stand united and getting rid of the gridlock we have experienced on both sides of the aisle? >> well, i think, i am in a school of social work, that's where i work. i am a student in the school of business. but i think that barack obama -- president barack obama -- he actually needs this four years, the next four years to move forward for all the things that he worked on the first four years. going forward, i think that this is going to be a, amazing because he is going on roll out everything that he talked about in the beginning, not that he didn't roll it out before, but he is really going to roll it out now. >> reporter: thank you. welcome to the united states of america. >> thank you. >> reporter: being a new citizen, and voting for your first time. it's a wonderful thing, isn't it. >> oh, my! >> reporter: the american way. >> thank you. >> reporter: that's the rap here at the white house, right now. a lot of jubilant people. we will have more throughout the morning. a lot of people we have talked to.
2:36 am
jamie, you are an attorney, here in washington, many attorneys commenting on this re-election. that's coming up later on. >> just about everything everybody's got a comment. thank you so much. speaking of comments, our super panel's been very patient. joining us on the set. ellen, i know you are chomping at the bit. but i am going to set you up really well. pat, benghazi? so many facts came out in the last couple of weeks about what the white house and the administration and other intelligence departments may have known and not told the american people. in the end, did it matter -- >> no, it didn't because it wasn't covered. first person to blame for that is mitt romney and his campaign. by diving on the issues which they did, i said immediately in the aftermath of the debate, they let an issue there went to the presidency, a question of leadership and to the question of his trustworthiness.
2:37 am
we have to face the fact, the mainstream media favored obama. once romney wouldn't raise the issue, they didn't have to discuss it. more importantly, we know there was a coverup of there was a lie told. they kept using this tape and the truth of the matter is, the president on day 2 said on the morning after, in an brew with cbs on "60 minutes" -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the fact is -- >> pat that, tape at cbs didn't come out -- >> oh [overlapping dialogue] >> i am in talk medeiasm i will tell you, it was front and center -- >> no -- >> wait a minute! i am a political editor of, i will tell you, it was front and center as an issue -- >> then you don't read the new york timessism they are not the news media. >> but they are what people listen to, in terms of voting and opinions. >> some people. >> maybe the new york times didn't, but talk media -- >> the new york times, bob
2:38 am
woodward, the washington post, nbc, abc and mostly cbs didn't cover it -- [overlapping dialogue] >> that's romney's fault! >> did it matter? >> no, i don't think it did. >> you are saying mitt romney didn't miss an opportunity to bring it up again? >> you know, i think that mitt romney did his calculations. i think he decided they clearly must have polled it and decided that this was not something they wanted him to bring up. they wanted him to bring up issues of the economy. mitt romney kept doing that and that's what i think happened -- >> the second debate, actually, they were really contentious with one another. toso to get the like vote, mitt romney did not want to be contentious. >> pat, i want to get your take bah united states you are leaving us first. i want to make good use of you. the -- many polling experts said that mitt romney needed to get at least, bare minimum, 35% of the latino vote, what did he get? 29? if he selected marco rubio -- >> i think, first of all, he
2:39 am
wouldn't have had to spend all of this time in florida and he would have gotten, maybe he might have gotten the extra 5% of that vote. i want to get back to the economy. you know, people who said -- the 38% of people said unemployment was the most important economic problem. you know that he beat -- and according to the exit polls -- and these aren't perfect. he won that -- he got 54% of the vote of those -- excuse me, 54-44 over romney on people who said unemployment. >> that wasn't the polling data before the election day. >> no. but what has happened -- firstly, you get -- again, you have a sample that is more democratic -- this almost looks like the '08 electorate. that's a function of the turnout and the machinery. but what it tells you is how they dropped the ball. they never made the economic case with a positive part of it and ever managed to make people
2:40 am
believe that, you know what? managing this the way they did didn't work. you know, i think this campaign in that sense was lost first in the spring and then late in the campaign. >> more people identify themselves as democrats -- >> i said republicans, 37-34. i thought gallup had it just the opposite. >> he had the republicans by 1 point. now the exit polls are weighted to fix the results. the first raw stuff was 3 points, democratic. but that's a function, look you have to have -- happened it to the obama campaign. they managed to get their vote out. i need to make a point about the republicans. there is no future for a party that continues to get wiped out by hispanics, wiped out with women, viewed as a party of negatism. it has no future -- >> how about -- >> how about -- >> i do want to bring this out.
2:41 am
just because you choose a latino or a black, just because you choose a woman does not mean that everybody's going to coalesce. rubio is cuban -- >> it helps, doesn't it? you my -- deny -- >> he wouldn't have gotten more latino vote. i don't think he -- [overlapping dialogue] >> when you also look at what happened with gay marriage in maryland, with tammy baldwin, you also have the gay vote here. and people are discounting, but it's 5% of the vote. >> we just can't say that people vote for people because of the color of their skin. >> interesting because you bring up one of the issues, pat said this and you did as well, about the economy. when we come back, i want to ask about whether or not the obama campaign was clear enough about what the agenda is on the economy for the folk who is voted to know what is next for us, the next four years. and they did turn out for him in 2008 and colorado voters for
2:42 am
president obama -- again four years later. a live report from colorado and around the country, straight ahead. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing.
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>> welcome wack back, everybody. quick break from the panel. they are still going at it. but first, pete snyder is here, the ceo of disruptive cal capitol of the virginia victory. great to to have you with us. >> thanks for having me here. >> what's the feeling there? >> the feeling is, usually this time of night, if you are at a
2:45 am
victory party, you want the congo line behind you, versus the cleaning crew with the vacuums and the mazac on. not a lot of myrth here in richmond. that said, we fought a very hard battle. congratulations to the president in his team and senator-elect tim kaine and his team. they ran a great race, without a doubt. we had tens of thousands of volunteers here and they did a heck of a job. >> there was a very, very good ground situation there. one of the things that a lot of people have asked me and i am going to ask you, it's a question i hinted at with the panel. median income is down in virginia, over the last four years. yet, folks there -- if they were voting on the economy and we'll certainly learn as we analyze the results. they were okay with that. they voted for more of the same. do you feel that the president outlined anything drent than
2:46 am
what the folks in your state have experienced over the last four years? >> sure. you know, i am not sure i gray with that analysis. and the thakt that this was razor thin in virginia. you know, as an entrepreneur and a small businessperson, i don't believe that virginia voted for a much larger government. we have a great governor in bob mcdonald, who has our economy humming at a much better rate than the rest of america. so virginia's an anomaly with the economy, due to good, sound, fiscally conservative policies from governor mcdonald. so i wouldn't really say that this was -- and by no means a mandate for president obama, but as a maul businessperson, i hope that come december, he doesn't have tax rates go through the roof. he pays special attention to growing our economy and nurturing small business and letting the free market do what the free market does.
2:47 am
that will get america going again. >> forgive me, is there a potential in virginia that you feel may have been overlooked in the first four years that you would like to send a message to president obama tonight that you would like him to pay attention to? or something that you feel he recognized and addressed that you would like him to continue to forge ahead on? >> sure. i think that -- our president has an opportunity to play bigger this time around. to really work with both sides of the aisle. he really didn't do that in his first four years and to really embrace a pro-growth, pro-business, less regulatory agenda. and if he does that, i think this economy will hum. so as an entrepreneur, i want him to embrace that. you know, in virginia, though, we have elections every single year. we will see what happens in the coming months and there will be a referendum on that next year
2:48 am
in virginia. >> we wish you good luck there, pete. always great to chat with you. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> gregg? >> president obama, governor mitt romney, of course, a featured player in this election. voters also asked to consider several ballot initiatives that could bring about historic changes in american social policy. they range from same-sex marriage to the legalization of marijuana. fox news correspondent adam housley is in los angeles with more on that. adam, i understand advocates of same-sex marriage have some reason to celebrate tonight? >> reporter: you know, the ballot initiative process in california is so famous. i do want to say that california had a couple of controversial ones here, 1, they did not vote down the death penalty, still allowed in california. 2, it looks like they passed a tax measure to make california the most taxed state in the union. so that's controversial here in california. a bit of a surprise, considering the economy here in the golden
2:49 am
state isn't the best. but you mention the process, the ballot process across the country. yes, definitely, same-sex marriage and marijuana both faired very well at the ballot box. maine passed it, as well as maryland and washington, all passing referendums, allowing for same-sex marriage. they legalized it again in maine, maryland and washington, and an amendment to vote against it in minnesota is too close to call at this hour. meantime, to the medical marijuana front, we know that two big states here that passed the medical marijuana were -- lost you here, montana. and in oregon, it's failing. the interesting vote with marijuana was the fact that colorado and washington allowed it to be passed in any instance. one ounce in colorado is theoretically legal for anybody. california was the first to pass medical marijuana, way back when, washington and colorado passed it for anybody. but the governor of colorado has
2:50 am
said, don't get your hopes up, it's illegal at the federal level, so there will be a battle in the state of colorado over whether or not marijuana will be ark loued legally, up to one ounce to carry and for anybody to smoke. we will be watching that very carefully here. >> my guess, they are celebrating in boulder at this hour and that may continue for a while. >> there is a funny quote that came out from the governor's office. one of the spokesmen said, don't eat your cheatos -- cheetos and goldfish too fast. i don't think there was any inference of sarcastic i. clearly, a reference to the post-pot munchies. >> i wouldn't know. i have asthma. >> live from california. >> following month on the campaign trail, campaign 2012 in the can now with the house of
2:51 am
representatives still in power. what challenges should re-elected president obama expect? could we see new bipartisanship? [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know. because personal service starts with a real person. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our support teams are nearby, ready to help. it's no wonder so many investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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2:53 am
>> inside america's election headquarters, we have been looking thea the battleground
2:54 am
state, colorado being one going to obama. after first classifying it as too close to call, the decision desk calling it in favor of the president, winning 9 electoral votes, in 2008, after a strong showing of support in the denver suburbs. we have a fox news correspondent, watching the situation there for us. joining us live from the denver county clerk's office. alicia, great to see you. colorado got to know the campaigns pretty well. huh? >> reporter: very well. that's because they both consider this place to be very, very important. both the candidates and their runningmates, over the past year visited colorado in pursuit of this 9 electoral votes, a combined 44 times in the past year. the reason is because of the breakdown here. it's pretty much divided into thirds with the registered democrats and republicans and the last thir is really that prize. that unaffiliated swing block. colorado is called the swingiest
2:55 am
of the swing states. governor rom no's camp clearly came in with the idea of this is the place worth spenning time and a lot of money. the governor didn't win a lot of caucuses it went to senator santorum. the economy is very important here, like the rest of the country. immigration and also energy, but, yes, they both spent quite a bit of time here. the president, in fact, mete made 13 stops here, the most visits of any president, ever, making it here in colorado. >> i wonder, alicia, if there is a reason for that. if there is anything the president learned that filtered into his strategy for his 2012 run. did anything come from colorado? >> actually, this is something that ax a, one of the president's advisers talked about, early on in the run up to the re-election. this is early on, part of the strategy, as part of the 2012 run, modeled after the 2010
2:56 am
senate race, won by democrat michael bennett. senator ben bennett wofs know of the a handful of democrats who faired well on the election day, 2 years ago. he won by 29,000 votes when he beat the favorite, ken buck. the strategy by bennett, target hispanics, target scbem frame your opponent as an extremist. that's something that the president used, acknowledged by david axelrod. he used this nationwide and we saw that play ought successful. >> really interesting. thapg you. >> we want to go to pat caddell before we lose him. you have been poring over the numbers and you said something interesting to me, during the break. that is that this is a more liberal electorate. what do you mean? >> the difference. we know that generally, almost more than 45% or so of the country in limp every poll says they are conservative, 20% or less say they are liberal n.
2:57 am
this vote, 25% are liberal -- only 35 were conservative, 40 were moderate. and obama carried the moderates. so what this tells me, along with what we are getting for the party break, if it's as much as 6 points or whatever, we are getting is that they got the vote out. we see it in the initiatives and in the margins of these small states. there are counties that i have seen tonight where obama actually did better than he did in '08. where they really work in the swing states. so i think it was a more liberal electorate. we will see what the total turnout is. i do think that what we have is the failure of romney to mount a big idea campaign, to explain what he would do has been a problem. and the president was able to say, you know, hey, look, people -- almost 40% of people who said the economy's in poorer slap than staying the same voted for the president. >> pat caddell, thank you for
2:58 am
poring over the numbers and making sense for us. >> we are going to be right back. lots more to talk about with our super panel and our correspondents. where others fail, droid powers through.
2:59 am
introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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3:01 am
we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts that for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> i believe in america. i believe in the people of america. [applause].
3:02 am
and i ran for office because i am concerned about america. this election is over, but our principals endure. i believe the principals upon which this nation was founded are the only sure guide to a resurgent economy and to renewed greatness. >> governor mitt romney's running mate paul ryan may have lost his bid for vice president, but he isn't out of the political scene quite yet ssments -- quite yet. ryan was re-elected to represent wisconsin in the house of representatives. joining us from washington to talk more about what happened here, bob kuzak, the managing editor of "the hill" and the deputy assistant to p george w. bush. are you surprised at the strength of president obama? did he have a much superior ground game organization? >> he add very good ground organization, but so did mitt romney. look at the popular vote. look at the battleground states that were competitive.
3:03 am
what the pundits have said proved to be true. there were very few surprises tonight other than the fact that barack obama won. but there are winners and losers. somebody has to win. somebody has to lose. but romney did a very good job in the campaign. but we have to learn from this loss. i think the lesson i learned is that our party has to broaden our base. we have to make more headway with african-americans, latinos, we have to make more headway with women and with young people. and we have an opportunity to do that certainly just having somebody on the ticket does not necessarily get you their vote. what we have to do is attract people within our party to be candidates, to be workers and have an uh finish tee. afinity. >> the last few months you and i have been talking particularly on sundays about all of the issues that are important to americans. clearly having a job. clearly having a retirement
3:04 am
plan, health care, all of the things that even national security and so i am curious from your perspective watching things unfold tonight, did america get it right? >> well, it is debatable. republicans are stunned i think at this outcome. especially because -- i thought it would be closer. i thought we were going to go late into the night, possibly into tomorrow. this race was not as close as 2004. americans are frustrated at the economy. president obama made the argument that he was frustrated too, that it was getting better. there were some economic indicators that showed that arguably the economy was getting better. that probably helped president obama. hurricane sandy probably helped. but overall, the republican party has to do some soul searching, especially among hispanics. we heard karl rove say that. he is concerned about the latino vote. republicans cannot win a presidential election, especially going forward.
3:05 am
this is the fastest growing demographic in the country. >> i spent a couple of hours, brad, studying the fox news exit polls of the a couple of things popped out at me. they go hand in glove. half of the country felt president obama's policies favor the middle class. juxtapose president obama a policy caring primarily about the rich. did the president just do a better job at messaging on that issue? >> he did do a good job at messaging. there is always somebody else to blame. the president blamed the rich. he said it is only if we soak the rich a little more everybody will be okay. but what the president failed to tell the american people, and what they are soon going to learn is there isn't enough rich if you tax them 100% or took all of their wealth to get us out of the kind of debt that was created by this
3:06 am
president. >> and we heard mitt romney make that argument, but did he not make it powerfully enough and often enough. >> i think we were hurt by the phak -- the fact that we had a brutal primary season. and we had good economic thubs that can help the president especially when unemployment ticked down and the president was able to drive home his argument. there is no question about it. this class warfare argument was helpful to this president even though it may not be true. >> bob, romney was criticized early and often for not being specific enough in his economic plan. maybe there was something to that. >> yes, there is no doubt about it. this was a winnable race for mitt romney and the republicans. there were many turnovers for mitt romney. i like to fire people, the 47% video that got out.
3:07 am
it played into obama's hands to portray him as an out of touch rich guy who didn't care about you. they did not respond to those attacks i think as well as they should have. >> voters also felt that the president did a very good job in handling hurricane sandy. that sentiment may wane in the days to come. people are freezing out there and many of them actually are pretty hungry. we have a nor' easter that is now bearing down on them a foo you hours from now. on them a few hours from now. brad how much did sandy affect this election? >> i think it helped the president because it gave the president the opportunity to be presidential and rise above politics. he was very fortunate to have the response happen at the time it did happen. it gave the president the opportunity to respond at the beginning of the crisis. as you correctly point out,
3:08 am
the worst is yet to come. he is the president tomorrow, and he is the president now for the next four years. people in new york and new jersey are going to look to him for the kind of support he should have been given, but for the fact that his attention was elsewhere in the campaign. now his attention has got to be in the recovery efforts for so many people who are hurting. >> and i still can't get gasoline. believe you me, i have been in a lot of long lines and wasted a lot of hours doing that. it is just confounding to millions of people herement northeast -- here in the northeast that fuel hasn't arrived yet. the president bears responsibility for a lot of that. brad blakeman and bob kuzazk, we will come back to you. >> we can only hope that changes for so many people. we have both been out there all week seeing so much suffering in our country. it is hard to believe. meanwhile, we will bring back in the super panel. sandy just one of the issues that may have weighed into the election. fox news contributor janeen
3:09 am
borelli is joining our group, julie grazinski, fox news political analyst with talk radio news service. oh my goodness, it is all ladies. greg, are you so outnumbered right now. >> i feel fortunate. >> and no shortage of thoughts at this table. you first. do you think what we learned may be the demographic of our country of the electorat may have changed? >> i do believe that is the case. i also think that when it comes to the republican party they need to do a better job of messaging an out reach to the minority community because blacks, hispanics, socially conservatives they need to understand that they should vote their values. school choice, energy issues, lower taxes, less spenting.
3:10 am
these are the applications that could propel our economy and get the economy going in the right direction. especially when it comes to cutting taxes. we have the temporary payroll tax that will expire son. the tax breaks to businesses. those are the engines that will really get our economy going in the right direction. >> it is messaging. it is messaging and advocacy and democrats are better at that. >> what should that message be? if republicans want to try a different approach, what is the message to women, to blacks, to other minorities, to hispanics ? >> it is more than messaging, although i agree. it is more than messaging. if you are jan brewer who is saying if you look hispanic you could be pulled over and asked to show your papers. if you are latino that is disrespectful if you are an american citizen have been here five generations, but has a skin tone darker than everybody else's. that's thought a matter of messaging.
3:11 am
that's policy. if the republicans don't understand they have to augment those policies, they are not going to get -- >> the way -- angela that is the policy that is now -- >> but jane brewer does not represent the party -- >> but -- >> i am from the great state of ohio and i saw karl rove's organization put in $25 million. they went after the gays. they went after the abortions. i agree with you. maybe more important -- >> because karl rove did that, bush got 16% of the black vote in ohio which gave him four more years. >> but guess what. we are now many years past president bush, and when the new demographic comes in of kids voting next time in 2016, they will have been born in the mid1990s. they don't -- you know, 1995, 1994, they look at this
3:12 am
anti-gay, anti-women agenda and they think people are crazy. >> but look at what happened today. it is the gay marriage issue. you look at the shift. george bush was able to hair nest the conservative votes to win ohio primarily because they put the gay marriage issue -- >> and abortion. >> on the ballot. >> we are talking less than a decade later and you have places like minnesota and places like maryland saying gay marriage is okay. >> >> this is for republicans. they need to be more republican. they need to be more conservative and get back to the conservative values. what about eval general cals? evangelicals. >> mitt romney going before the naacp is not enough to appeal to the black vote. they spoke about if mitt romney would have chosen rubio maybe he would have gotten more of the latino vote. if you have this his span thick caucus and the urban
3:13 am
league supporting your party, republicans need to go in those diversity districts and talk to us. >> but this was probably for all of the money that was raised and spent one of the most focused studied tested campaigns on both sides. if it sounds that simple. >> i have been traveling the country for the last several months with freedom works. we have been meeting with grass coots and individuals -- grassroots and individuals. we talk about economic issues. energy for example. we have a wealth of fossil fuel energy in our country. it keeps prices low. unfortunately obama will continue with his war on coal, his war on foss i will is fuels. fossil fuels. it is harmful to jobs. >> those on are what we need to communicate. >> it didn't trans send to the
3:14 am
black community. >> that's one of the messages that needs to be communicated. >> but it is more than messaging . the issue you have here is you have a natural retention in the republican party between the evangelicals who want one message, and that's the message you have to appeal to the tea party message. you have to appeal to get the republican nomination to get these days. it is what people need to hear to expand the coalition. if you have the tea party saying we need to build fences. >> are you all talking at once. so i will jump in. i am the sole male and obviously the voice of reason. >> for a lot of guys it sounds like home. >> it sure does, especially in my house. i want to talk about the auto bailout. >> in the great state of ohio. >> you know it well. it became a key swing state in
3:15 am
this election. six in 10 voters in ohio gave president obama high marks for the auto bailout. that was one of the things we learned in the fox news exit polls. mitt romney was not exactly against the auto bailout the way the president designed it. he was in fact of saving general motors and chrysler, but doing it a different way. >> using the bankruptcy courts. >> through a managed reorganization. did he fail to get that across to the voters? >> the problem is he had messages that sounded like he was against the bailout. that caught on in ohio. when i grew up in ohio auto was king. if you got a job at the ford plant you were set for life. and so auto was so pornts -- was so important in ohio. they heard the first message and not the explanation. how you frame stuff right out of the box is so important. >> he might have won his home
3:16 am
state of michigan, but that same issue, the auto bailout and his fuzzy position on it if you will -- >> to the being clear. >> they should have also perhaps run -- if they thought they were buying -- being miss heard they should have run ads with what his view was. >> the bottom line, the obama camp defined romney before he had the opportunity. >> and he played defense the rest of the way. want to look now at the results from the critical battleground states. let's begin with florida. it is still too close to call even with 97% of the vote in. there you can see the difference. there may be before all is said and done an automatic recall but unlike 2000 that won't make a difference. moving to iowa it was supposed to be a close contest.
3:17 am
barack obama was leading before the election and then prevailed 52-46%. nevada also expected to be in the president's column, and indeed it turned out to be. let's go to new hampshire. this is a bit of a home state for mitt romney because he has a vacation home there. he spent a lot of time vacationing during the primaries. he won the primary, but not the general election in new hampshire. to north carolina a close race and we called it for mitt romney, a three-point win. the state of ohio, this was really the make or break for the mitt romney campaign. in the end he lost it by two percentage points. a lot of it had to do with his position on the auto bailout. virginia an important state for mitt romney to win. he had to run the table of florida, north carolina, virginia and ohio and he lost virginia. let's move to wisconsin. his running mate paul ryan
3:18 am
born and raised in wisconsin. it didn't help him there. barack obama wins with wise -- wins wisconsin. the state of michigan mitt romney was born in michigan and raised there. his father was the governor for two terms. barack obama nevertheless wins michigan. colorado, a close race throughout the evening and in the end barack obama pulled it out. and in pennsylvania one wonders whether early ads and a lot of campaigning might have changed things given the president's unpopularity in the coal country there of pennsylvania. didn't make a difference. barack obama wins pennsylvania 52-47. >> so interesting how pennsylvania really was it play. it was so much more important than people anticipated. >> it is funny because they ran -- the romney campaign ran no adds there -- no ads there. they took it for granted they
3:19 am
were going to lose it. and with a month left they realized based on a couple of polls we can win it. by then it was too late. >> interesting the way that was played. jeff slake winning the seat vacated by john kyle. he defeated richard carmona, a surgeon general. the senator elect thanking kyle for his many years of public service. >> and to senator kyle who has the biggest shoes to fill than anybody i can think of, i appreciate so much what he has done. when he announced his retire meant about 20 months ago that he wouldn't seek a fourth term , i had the same feeling that everyone in arizona had, just immense gratitude for what he has done for this state and this country. thank you, senator kyle. >> and we have gratitude for you being here. so much more to come. we will be right back.
3:20 am
3:21 am
3:22 am
it was the most important economic issue amoung voters. 38% say unemployment and 8% the housing market. who do voters think is to blame for the slugish
3:23 am
economy? exits polls show 38% say president obama. 53% laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of former president george w. bush. joining us now green, the former president of the women's media center and fox news contributor. and the columnist of the national magazine and co author of "who is killing." it was almost comical how often president obama blamed his predecessor for the poor economy. many in the republican party said americans won't buy that. the president has had four years to solve the economic whoas. well it looks like that mantra stuck. how do you figure? >> the 2008 financial crisis, greg, was not just an ordinary recession. it shattered americans' confidence in the future. their 401k's were 201k's. many people lost almost all of the value in their home.
3:24 am
there were enormous foreclosures. it was such a jarring event that of course president bush retained blame with a lot of voters. remember in the great depression , herbert hoover didn't cause the great depression. he took office only six months before the stock market crashed, but it became the hoover great depression. and we remember it and think of it -- >> because he failed to solve it. >> i understand that. but he got a lot of the blame for it even though it didn't deepen until three or four years into it. i think president obama has failed to handle the unemployment problem. it is higher today than when he first took office. but object qlusly a lot of voters wanted to give him another four years as a chance to solve it. >> republicans criticize the president early and often because he would get out there on the stull p and also in -- on the stump and say i created
3:25 am
5.2 million jobs. he would conveniently leave out the fact that during his term an equal number of five million jobs were lost so that the net was really 0 or a small gain or a negative. boy, that is an effect sigh message. >> greg, i disagree with the conveniently leaving it out. i think -- >> he never mentioned it, did he? >> that is exactly why you can see those numbers where the american people said very clearly that they understand the reality of how we got into the situation. it was not president obama that took us here from an unemployment standpoint that crashed our housing market, that allowed wall street to run rampant. he was slowly digging us out. you can look back and see a lot of the conservative talking points where they pointed to the number of palm on poverty. people on poverty and out of
3:26 am
office. they forgot the american people just aren't stupid. they will make the connection to what happened. why are we in this position? that connection in truth not just a mantra is that george bush and the policies of the advisors that governor romney had on his team and were willing to rewrite and put back into affect with some that the american people rejected. >> john, historically when you look at presidential elections, almost always the conditions dictate the winner. it turned on its head this time around. how much of that was simply a very skillful campaign strategy, brilliantly executed by the obama campaign? >> the obama m cay pain started out realizing it would be a close race. there were no illusions they were going do repeat the
3:27 am
success of 2008. and they did three things very, very effectively. first of all they had the permanent campaign. they kept their campaign apparatus in place and raring to go. that meant they had a head start on any republican nominee that would emerge from a bloody primary fight. secondly they had stockpiled money. they defined romney, the republican nominee early with slashing negative attack ads in all of the swing states. the success was clear. they won all of the swing states. thirdly what they effectively did was make sure that their vote -- their get out the vote operation maximized every conceivable person who would vote for barack obama. you can see that because the minority and youth turnout did not drop significantly at all. and barack obama even though he lost ground among the youth he carries them by 24 points. very impressive performance. >> we have to go to break.
3:28 am
i short changinged you. i will make it up to you. both of you will stick with us. thank you so much for now. >> greg is a man of his word. no worries. we now know that democrats hillary tan control of the senate. will retain control of the senate. one race where that may be is nevada. dean heller is facing democratic representative shelly berkeley. dan springer is live at the heller elects -- heller election headquarters in las vegas. what do we know at this hour? >> jaime, it is empty here because the republicans all wept home. went home. this was supposed to be a battle ground state. it didn't turn out that way. president obama carried nevada by over 6%. a lot of people split their vote today. we just got word that dean heller who is the republican who was running for the senate has won his race against shelly berkeley.
3:29 am
this was his first try for the senate because he was the incumbent that was appointed when john enson had to resign in disgrace from a sex scandal. heller retains his seat. he wins his first election. this was not supposed to be as close as it was. it was only a point and a half separating the two, about 12,000 votes. but it was very close because as you just mentioned we saw a huge minority population, a huge young people vote here. hispanics came out in big numbers. we saw a huge get out the vote effort. we saw people at a polling place going through -- union people going through and match willing willing -- matching up the list of people who voted to the list of people they wanted to vote. they said they would go out and bring them to the polls. it was a bigot out the vote effort, and this is why it was
3:30 am
not as close as was anticipated. the headline here is dean heller, a republican, has retained a seat. so at least this state will remain one democrat and one republican dean heller. >> dan springer with the news from nevada. thank you. nevada and its six electoral votes going to the president as well. joining us from las vegas is elizabeth crumb who is a publisher and editor of the nevada news bureau. she is also the co anchor of the political talk show "the agenda" in las vegas. it is great to have you here. good morning. >> good morning to you. great to be here, jaime. >> how would you characterize the results on your state and on your program tomorrow? >> well it was a ichs inked bag. president obama won here by more than 6 points. we had a couple that predicted he would win by about that much. most of the polsters had the race tighter.
3:31 am
as we just heard dean heller, a republican did manage a fairly do sigh tiff win. remember nevada is a small state. only a million votes cast here total. so winning by 12,000 isn't too shabby. and the democrats did pretty well here. the brand-new congressional district we have. it was a close race. a big name here. it was his fourth attempt at public office. the democrat pulled that one out. there was some split ticket voting going on in nevada. >> elizabeth, let me bring folks a little up-to-date about your state. i think some of the statistics are interesting, and maybe you can tell me how you think they played into the minds of voters and how they decided. there have been some 60,000
3:32 am
jobs lost. in terms of foreclosure you are the fifth highest and gas prices are above the national average. the median income for a household has decreased almost $8,000. that's over the last three years. if the economy is important and immigration is important as well, i'm sure how do you think the voters put all of that together and made their decision for the president? >> that's a great question. i will be curious to see the exit polling. hopefully we will have more information in the morning. i think the interesting thing by the numbers you would think nevada would have been in romney's column. but president obama came to nevada during the campaign season i think around a dozen ims too. kept making the case that things were slowly moving in the right direction.
3:33 am
sandoval would put out press releases each time we got jobs in the right direction. i think romney would have preferred perhaps not to have the republican governor of the state. demographics plays into it. we have seen a huge demographic shift over the past 10 years and 25% of the population looks like the turnout machine which is famous and renouned here in nevada with harry reid at the helm. and they did their job. this is my last question, and i am curious, you speak about the president making a number of trips to nevada. one of which he made right after the tragedy in benghazi, libya. there was a lot of talk about going to a fundraiser there after losing four americans
3:34 am
including an ambassador. what was the response of the people there, the citizens? people think it is just people on the las vegas strip. it is not obviously. nef mef is a mix of many neighborhoods and many people. but how did folks respond particularly on your show? >> first of all, president obama did not attend or hold a fundraiser on that trip. that's been miss reported repeatedly all over the place. he had a rally planned. he decided to come. of course there was blow back from the republican side from mitt romney's campaign and the rnc folks here on the ground about that criticizing that. i think a lot happened in the echo chamber. i didn't hear a lot of outrage about that particular decision. and the romney campaign trade to make hay of obama's decisions earlier a couple
3:35 am
years ago about not glowing your cash in vegas. but they had an ad in nevada, but it didn't play well for them either. >> usually what happens in vegas stays in vegas. thank you so much for at least theiring that insight. i was curious and you are there every day talking to folks. thanks for speaking with us. elizabeth crumb, nice to meet you. >> nice to see you. want to go back to brad blakeman and kuzack in washington, d.c. let's talk about the other races, in particular the united states senate. brad, your party, the republican party had an opportunity to win the united states senate. that was two years ago and didn't do it. they had a great chance to do it again and didn't do it. 24r is a common thread. in critical races nominated individuals who were part of the right and affiliated in some cases are the tea party.
3:36 am
did that turn out to be a mistake? >> some of the candidates turned out to be a mistake, absolutely. there is no question about it. but the people of the states made the mistake. they are the ones who voted these people in perhaps not knowing what they stood for. only after they won the primaries did they make the mistakes that we didn't see in the primaries. having said that our candidates are not perfect. democratic candidates are far from perfect. the only way we would have won the senate is if we had a wave election. that didn't happen this time. yes we remained the house and the -- we retained the house and the senate was as it was yesterday. to say that republicans should win every race we are not going to win the race and democrats hospital either. >> let's talk about the house. nancy pelosi lost the house. she has been the party leader
3:37 am
in the house ever since and vowed to retake the house and again today she didn't do it. is she finished with leader? >> that's a good question. that's going to be the question over the next several days. nancy pelosi put in a lot of effort. she is a great fundraiser for the democratic party. there was speculation that this would be the last. i know she wanted obama to win a second term. very happy obama won a second term. but for house democrats it would have been better had romney won. in two years, usually mid-term elections are not kind to the president. and barack obama, you look at history second term mid-terms for the party in power. not good. basically the house republican majority is roughly the same. it looks like democrats may cut into it a little bit. but the house republican majority is looking fairly strong going forward especially because of
3:38 am
redistricting. the senate a disappointment they did not win the senate back. in 2014, democrats have to defend 20 seats and republicans 13. at the congressional level it is okay for the gop, but obviously a huge loss at the white house. >> i have just a minute. it is true the president won the electoral college by a substantial amount. but when you look at the popular vote, it is almost tied. can the president therefore declare a mandate or is it that impossible because of the popular vote. >> it is impossible. even the president understands he didn't win a mandate tonight, not at all. what he did do is win a second term. and now he has the burden of governing. he has the burden of governing not only to make things better for our country, but his legacy. the only way to do that is
3:39 am
reaching across the aisle and determining that he is going to work -- that means his work invested in it. that's his presidential leadership as he ends it to do to paw pelosi and reid in the first four years. he needs his own perm time and effort to make the kind of deal that we think should be made. >> we will talk with the super panel. the seaquestration is months away. if it does happen these huge spending cuts and tax increases. negative gdp and high unemploy ept in. good to see you, thank you. >> i want to hear the answer on that one. >> i have an answer. i am going to ask the panel about it. >> that's what they are here for. florida voters elected bill nelson to a third term. you may know nelson as a former astronaut.
3:40 am
he held off connie mac. the son of a former florida senator tried to tie nelson to president obama brie noting his vote in the stimulus and health overhaul. it wasn't enough to win that senate seat. >> thank you all. indeed it is a great privilege. i was raised to think that public serve is one of the highest callings that a person can have. i still feel that. we have a lot to do now. wree -- we have to bring this country together. >> i spoke to senator nelson and congratulated him on winning the rate. i am sure senator nelson knows when he gets back to washington, that he is going to have to work hard to live
3:41 am
up to the standards that he set forward to the people of the state of florida. i'm sure he will do that. >> senator nelson has been a career politician for some 40 years or so. 12 of them as a u.s. senator. much more coming up just for you . stay with us.
3:42 am
3:43 am
there were a lot of other things other than the
3:44 am
president and different offices. there was same-sex marriage on a lot of ballots. the death penalty and the legalization of marijuana. three controversial ballot initiatives that voters across the country were asked to consider and the decisions could alter the philosophy. adam, a lot of people, particularly young people, want to know how did the marijuana advocates fair in their campaign to legalize pot, and if it did come out in their favor, on what basis? >> first of all, we are in the ballot process, and there was no controversial initiative outside the state of california. i will say california is the most taxed state in the union. it passed a controversial measure here which raises taxes for the next seven years. outside of the state you mentioned a couple of topics -- there was health care on the ballot and death penalty, food labeling, abortion,
3:45 am
collective bargaining. the two that stood out was same sex warning and marijuana. we start with marijuana. two passed it for medicinal use, massachusetts and montana. the more controversial passing is colorado and washington. those two states passed marijuana for anybody usage wise of the governor in the state of colorado has said before you go out and use marijuana, it is still i illegal at the federal level. so there will be some court battles in colorado and in washington as well. those two states colorado and washington becoming the first two in the union to legalize marijuana for anyone that wants to use it. colorado, you are allowed to have one ounce with you. same-sex marriage did well at the ballot box across the country. there were main -- it was passed in maine, maryland and washington all passed for the right for gays and lesbians to marry. same-sex couples can
3:46 am
marry in maine and washington. in minnesota it is close, but failing. there is an amendment 1 that would define marriage as between a man and m would. that is not winning. it is too close to call. same-sex marriage did well as did the marming marg. in california you mentioned the death penalty and proposition 34 which would have uh bowlish sh -- have abolished the death penalty. we covered that from the last six or eight years that's been going on. right now it is not passing. right now california still officially at this hour has the death penalty, but we will know probably later this morning whether that goes forward or goes against. the ballot initiative process is important across the state and across the country. a lot of people will say it gives you an idea where the states go but in california it
3:47 am
gives you no where to go. >> adam, thanks. the battleground state of colorado going to president obama. after first classifying the contest there, it is too close to call. our decision desk has called it in favor of president obama. he won the state's nine electoral votes in 2008 as well. alicia is keeping a close eye on the situation for us. alicia this. >> hi, greg. and things are still quite busy here in the state of colorado. specifically at the denver elections division. a couple hours ago or technically if you are looking at your watch, it would be late last night, some of the staffers rolled these boxes in. these are unused ballots. this is a central area of the denver county -- we are in denver county where the ballots are being counted. the work continues and it will continue into wednesday morning until every ballot is counted.
3:48 am
you can take a peek into the ballot counting room. we can't get in there unless we are escorted. it is a highly secured area unless you are unit co-ed by a computer. they have been going since 7:00 p.m. the counting started awhile ago. those machines will count 400 ballots per minute. they have been going around the clock for some time these workers say they will be here -- they could be here for another hour, hour and a half at least until everything is continued to be counted. throughout the state this is happening because as you know we have had a high turnout as expected. a lot of the races were close. the presidential race included here. they will continue their work. everybody is exhausted, but some of the counties decided to send folks home and continue the counting in the
3:49 am
morning. some people including the governor took issue with that saying it was best to give people the results. greg? >> alicia live in denver, thank you very much. >> alicia working a long day. and a hard-fought campaign and a historic election. check this out. america is sure to be talking about it for days and weeks to come. and our super panel in the studio at this hour all nightlong will help us break it down. i will give you a hint, chicks rule. we will be right back.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
i have become -- i have been waiting all night for this one. fox news contributor joining our group. julie raginski and senator frank lotenburg. ellen ratner with talk radio news service. i'm jaime colby. i am a fee hale too. it is no coincidence. we are all ladies. greg, take a breather, but just for a second. i want to talk about new hampshire. two female congress women took their raceses.
3:53 am
>> they only have two. >> only two. both women now. two senators, both women now. tonight a democrat female taking over as governor one -- won her race. that's five women in one state. they are ale running -- they are all running things. is this a trend? >> i remember in 19ninety 2 -- 1992 women were getting involved after the clarence thomas. and women really came to the forefront. it has been so long. it has been 20 years, and it is fantastic and regardless democrats republicans, the more women the better. i am happy. >> even when liz -- elizabeth dole ran she got more money. the more that women get involved in poll i can its we can change policy.
3:54 am
>> thas interesting. it was a good might for women. >> look at the women that did well. >> everybody was shocked. and the posters were wrong on the issue. >> >> they are all democrats that gotti ect elected. >> the best qualify person who should be in the position. >> be sides the fact we are mostly multi taskers and we have to handle things other than our careers, do we think different issues that are important to us? to be honest, i think women would help drive the vote and women will have to stretch the dollar and maybe even convince men to vote the same as us. >> i think everything happens
3:55 am
differently. i don't think it has anything to do with a person's sex. >> regardless of what your position is on the issue of life and abortion i can't imagine a woman running out of office saying you can't get pregnant if you get raped. that's something -- she can be pro life, but no woman who has ever experienced childbirth or knows the first thing would ever hope to that. >> murdoch lost because of the do zit mat race issue. >> we care about the economy. we care about jobs. >> everyone does. >> look how women have made a difference in the senate. we will have more women in the senate now than we have ever had. 20 years ago there were, what, three, four women in the senate? >> can i jump in here as the
3:56 am
sole male? >> okay, greg. we will let you in. >> i am finding disparity. single women went for president obama and married women went for mitt romney. i wonder what the difference is. >> it comes to the economy, running a household. >> or does it have to do with age? single women extend to be younger -- tend to be younger. married women are older. >> i think you have maury responsibility and you are running a household. you have young, single women that are running households. we care about the economy. we care about education. we care about family. >> every young woman should know she can do anything. >> that's the message. and there is one thing left. we have not yet become -- there has not been a president yet. hillary clinton came close. sarah palin came close and
3:57 am
ferraro had come close in 1984. nobody has gotten to the promise land yet. it is coming. joy we will make a date for four years from now. >> i was going to say four years from now it could be two female nominees, hillary clinton and somebody else. >> maybe one of these new hampshire women. >> condoleezza rice. there are a bunch of republican women. >> interesting conversation. thank you. coming up, the battleground state of ohio and much more as america's election headquarters coverage of re-election of president barack obama continues. back in a flash. the boys use capital one venture miles
3:58 am
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>> the map to the white house for another four years. more blue than red. american voters gave president obama a second term. romney continues defeat after a gruelling campaign. at least the blue count more in terms of electoral votes than red. welcome to a brand new hour of fox news election coverage. i in the end president obama captured the battle ground states giving him well more than the 270 electoral votes he need to do win the reelection. about two hours ago he thanked his supporters for the victory. >> i just spoke with governor romney and i congratulated him
4:01 am
and mall rye -- paul ryan on a hard fought campaign. we may have battled fiercely but it is only because we love this country deeply and we feel so strongly about its future. from george to lan another to their son mitt the romney family have chosen to give back to america through public service. that is a legacy we honor and applaud tonight. >> governor romney spoke by phone with the president to congratulate him on the reelection. he graciously accepted defeat in front of a crowd of his own supporters. they were outside of their own campaign headquarters in boston. >> i have just called president obama to congratulate him on his victory his supporters and his campaign also deserve congratulations. i wish all of them well but
4:02 am
particularly the president, the fist lady and their daughters. this is a time of great challenges for america and i pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> you may wonder what is in store for paul ryan. he will return to washington not as the next vice president but he won reelection to the wisconsin congressional seat he has held since 1998. >> the associated press in nevada republican senator dean miller won a hard fought race against democratic congresswoman shelly berkeley. >> let's go to counsel woman who won her bid for the second congressional district. she beat a homeless handyman who surprised many people by winning the republican ticket but didn't
4:03 am
have enough resources to seriously compete for the general election. a fox nepoll on economic po. 44 percent say they generally favor the middle class. joining us is sally cone and brad blakeman assistant to george w. bush. welcome to both of you. >> hi. >> good to see you, brad as well. sally first, the president and economic policies can you give us the respects of what he plans to do going forward that may be different than what he has done the last four years? >> i think the president was very clear in the campaign he plans to build on the private sector job growth and policy that is helped create the job growth in the second clear. he was clear he can't do it by himself. before the election got underway
4:04 am
there was a jobs act that was stalled in the republican house of representatives. there was a part b. of the president's plan is if there was team the republicans are serious about not just trying to defeat obama for the next four years and be part of the economic recovery be part of passing legislation and together move the country forward. that is the hallmark of the president's next four years. hopefully the republican government will turn around and be with them. >> partisanship to get the 25 million people back to work. >> bipartisanship is mandatory in a divided government in order to get things accomplished. it takes two to tango. the ball is in the president's court. he has pretty much shut out the leadership of congress including his own party at times. now the president is faced with a lot of problems high
4:05 am
unemployment, gas prices and it's time we fix that which is broken. let's rule out of reality instead of ideology. but the president must ex certificate leadership must give it time and it has to begin tomorrow. nothing really changed. we have a how is that is controlled the republicans a senate controlled democrats and the president is the president. let's start tomorrow in the lame-duck session and start fresh in january with a good headed team. >> the sequestration is less than three months away the fiscal cliff. the president just before the election said i am going to wash boehner's car and walk mcconnell's dog if i have to but i am going to go to capitol hill and fix this. my goodness didn't he have 4 years to solve that deficit. don't laugh, he really did. it was in existence for the better part of four years. his chief of staff at the time
4:06 am
it was all his idea and here we are less than two months away now suddenly he says if you reelect me i will solve it. why couldn't he have done it before. >> i apologize for laughing. i find it funny our general short history on this matter. republicans are clear about the debt didn't care when republicans were running it up before. second trying to pin on the guy who went along with extending the bush tax cuts. has put republican idea after republican idea into the center of his policies are trying to pin on this guy this idea of sequestration which literally was the party republican extremist sort of threat. >> why did he sign the bill? >> again, this is sort of his evidence, plain and clear evidence of bipartisanship is being used against him. it is in the interest of trying
4:07 am
to keep our government from shutting down. >> he could have avoided. >> it was what republicans went along with. in this election there is this fiction that the president has been guilty of not extending the olive branch not trying to work with republicans not trying to put republican ideas into the center piece of this prop pose sal. it has been republicans can't wanting him to succeed since day one. they put the president in office the majority support his economic policies. look at the exit polls they want to raise taxes on the rich want to see problems solved in a fair and balanced way. it is up to the republicans to lead and follow where the american people are showing them to go. >> brad, is the president going to say the guy who he is or is he going to compromise? >> he has to compromise. if he was smart he would call bill clinton over and get a crash course in a second term.
4:08 am
if obama stays the course this country is in gridlock. we will go over the financial blitz. >> he sure endorsed obama. i think they are for getting how much they hated bill clinton as president. i don't know why he is the model suddenly. >> how helpful was it to have him on the stump? >> it was extremely helpful. i think we will keep seeing this theme that obama has to become bill clintonesque. clinton said he was bill clintonesque. he kept trying to label the guy as a socialist when he put republican policy into place to a party that made the agenda day one trying to destroy them. america won't stand it any more. >> brad, sally, thank you very much. we will be come can bag to you.
4:09 am
>> k-- coming back to you. >> on the heels of what you discussed with sally and brad, president barack obama has a con sill tory tone saying he has learned from those who supported him and those who opposed him. he returns to washington more determined and more inspired now. throngs of supporters gathered feeling more inspired and ready for another four more years of president obama. they danced and swayed in the cold to the beat of drums people of every background and ethnicity celebrating president obama's win. >> we want to see action and movement. this president has the worst-- congress has the worst approval rating we would like to see
4:10 am
action from them. >> a mom will be able to go to the doctor without having to worry about how she is going to pay for it. i can say with my dad's home care and not something to worry about. >> during his victory speech president obama dave gave changes in the tax road immigration and more immediately working with congress to develop a new fiscal plan that avoids the fiscal cliff such as domestic programs sharp increases that could result from that. president obama is falling for recomme reconciliation. he says he will call obama on whether r how they can work out these matters. greg, as you know that is going to take a lot of heavy lifting a lot of work to do. >> it surely will. >> kelly wright in washington.
4:11 am
we are going to go back to them fox news contribute . >> nice to have you all. let me ask ellen because she is right here. i want to ask i about iven pendants. where do you think they win tonight and what were they thinking? >> it's hard to say but a lot of them vote their pocket book. a lot of them may be moved social polls. if i was barack obama i would nominee mitt romney to be my next commerce secretary. that's how i would begin.
4:12 am
>> you think he's going to take that job? >> maybe not. >> what about jeb bush for education? >> baby. i would go bipartisan. he doesn't have another election to win. >> hillary clinton may not do it who is the candidate with the unrest in the middle east and elsewhere. >> there is so much going on in the middle east. who would be qualified? >> colin powell who came out and endorsed strongly. i saw two commercials he endorsed president obama. >> i am not sure how old he is and if it would be something he's interested in doing because it's a lot of travel as well. >> how important is that position for for us as a nation and national security? >> very important. now that we have president elect obama we have to look at the situation and what happened.
4:13 am
the more we dig in that the more it sticks. >> john kerry. >> i think john kerry is a likely choice. chairman of senate violations committee has a lot of experience as a result of that. he played mitt romney during the debate. >> if he takes his seat they could easily try to run for that. >> a democratic governor would appoint that seat. >> republicans didn't make the gains they thought they would. >> oo let me ask something else if i can about the change, the students and certain groups. we talked a lot about women, blacks and hispanics. i would put young people in there as well. they were a shoe in in 2008. we won't realize the numbers
4:14 am
where everybody came in. do you believe republicans do need to change what? their philosophy? their platform? change nothing at all? >> don't need though change our philosophy don't need to change our platform. >> not even on social issues? >> we need to do more advocacy and -- >> i get e-mails to this day from women who say i would have voted republican but their stance on things like gay marriage really turned me off. >> social issues should not be on the forefront with elections. >> let me nirn the question. excited about the social issues. however it should be about the economy what we can do to create a better america and make people more self reliant instead of depending on federal dollars.
4:15 am
people living in poverty that's a problem. >> when you will you look at what young people you are a absolutely right. women, particularly young pem women care about the fact that their bodies are being invaded by some of the gubernatorial policies you have with bob mcdonnell. these are issues that young people truly care about whether it's marriage equality whether it is social issues like that. let me say this. the bell grant for example is something that students really care about. when you have a congress in the form of paul ryan you have young people really care about you saw it happening. if you look at exit polling -- (talking over one another) >> exit polling confirms what i said. >> bottom line is this. college students that voted for barack obama four years ago when they graduated from school they
4:16 am
have a problem when finding a job. some of those folks mighted have voted for mitt romney. >> not many. let me look at the exit polls i want to share with you. likely voters were apt -- who was more in touch with you? a 10 percent spread between obama and romney on this. toward the end leading up to the election mitt romney had made a lot of progress with favor ability with people being able to relate. they had a very strong debate on issues that were important to regular folks. why the big difference? >> when you have obama saying he didn't build that or example, that is something that real liz nated with people. it is individuals an hard work to tellal small business person
4:17 am
that you didn't build that company. >> why the poll put up on the screen? 53-43. you didn't build that. >> i want to say something. if we are looking at the next election we are already starting to look at it the young people voting for the first time social issues, abortion, gay marriage, it is economic. >> we may wish for the reality. what said about the polls the last couple weeks the polls aren't right it's arithmetic. look at the statistics we see look at the exit polling. what i am saying is arithmetic. you may think they don't or wish they don't. >> we talked about social issues. it is a reality. it's the polling that you see. it leads up to the election. you may wish it not to be so but
4:18 am
in fact it is so. >> how do they care more about reproductive rights than getting a job. >> you are confusing the point. >> i am not. >> if you look at the polling and see what they actually care about thaefrg i mentioned access to college in the form of bell grants. access to birth control not prebirth control but agoable to have it. access to pell grant is not a social issue. it'sing it they sar about. you may wish it were not so. >> i am not wishing anything. >> you may care about it but there's more concern about g getting a job. >> you look at where they voted they voted for barack obama. it's not a spin issue. >> let me jump in here and we will get back to the super panel coming up. meantime after the break, we are going to hear from former world wrestling independent honcho
4:19 am
linda mcmahon. she blue about a hundred million, 90 million? 90 million. she lost the senate seat retiring independent senator joe lieberman in connecticut. >> that's next. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're committed to offering you
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>> welcome back. republican linda mcmahon who ran world wrestling entertainment fell short of joe lieberman. >> senator elect murphy i have congratulated him on his victory p tonight. i ask him to please continue to work hard for the people in our state so that we can get those 170,000 people who woke up this morning without a job get them to work. >> democratic congressman chris murphy despite spending more than $42 million of her own money on this race alone. >> 100 million total both races. >> if united it. >> chump change i suppose. >> the newspapers are finally coming out.
4:23 am
here's the front page of the new york post hail owe caesar and photo shopped the president's head on top of caesar. >> it is just the beginning. >> just the beginning. >> we are looking for the other one. they should be pretty good. even without those states president obama surpassing the magic number and claiming another 4 years in the white house despite a hard fought campaign swing state not swinging for governor romney. joining us to talk about it is peter jackson talk show host. also with us talk show host on radio ben ferguson. if the economy was the number one issue 75 percent said we are voting on the economy and if romney led on the economy, which the polls indicate how did he lose? >> i think a lot of it is that one issue which is the ex factor. barack obama at the end of the
4:24 am
day is a very likeable guy. there is a lot of people who voted for him that said by golly i like this guy and i am going to give him another shot. unemployment numbers aren't where he said there would be. didn't cut the deficit in half. those that are on food stamp numbers has risen by 17.7 million but i like him. it's the x factor you saw with bill clinton. he could almost do no wrong and recover from anything. that is something that transc d transcended into this election. when you saw the president come out in the way he did side by side with chris christie that we saw even in new jersey that obviously is a powerful picture. i think that's the reason he is still the president of the united states of america for another four years. >> what is interesting is unemployment is extremely high. in fact the real unemployment
4:25 am
rate is more than 14.6 percent when you add in the under employed. household income is down gdp is half of one percent annualized. 43 million americans on food stamps gas prices doubled in his term. 16 trillion in debt. will that is just an awful, awful record. did the blame bush p.m. method work? >> a lot of people blame bush. the president was successful in the closing of the campaign in really defining the problem. he would have taken far fewer hits than he would have taken in the past 4 years. they could define the problems we face with the great depressi
4:26 am
depression. with hurricane sandy we got to see new yorkers people that are in red for example we are talking about staten island. it is cold in new york tonight. they do not have heat. we see a concern for them. not that governor romney would not have done that but we have seen that. the romney campaign i was shocked by it with how much of an impact the auto bailout had in swing states. the number of people, they looked at it and said, i am a union gee or i have a family member who is a union guy. i don't care about anything else my family or friend next door
4:27 am
has a job. that is the only issue. >> how could romney have changed that? >> what should romney is a done? >> what can romney say hey i promised i would bail you out, too? i wrote that hard, hard editori -- he wrote the hard, hard editorial early on when the bailout was occurring condemning the whole thing. ma maybe i should have sa-- he shoe said we have to save these companies i would have done it a different way. >> oh there is something else different it wasn't here ten years ago. that is it. there seem to be two different americans. there is a certain section of society that has no problem takings it to the government.
4:28 am
it is no longer a negative thing. o'reilly said obama promised stuff. we are in entitlement society where people demand the government give them welfare checks. is something to that? >> i think it is insulting number one it is entitlement program. are we entitled to social security? yes. >> are we entitled to food stamps? >> i have this relatives starving and friend starving. corporations have no problem going to -- wait a minute. they have no -- did it happen four years ago. we have been talking about poverty for 40 years.
4:29 am
let us be very, very clear 100 million americans are on some kind of government assistance because they need it. >> there was the ad where people are sitting on couches collecting unemployment checkses for two years. i am talking about the ad. you saw the ad. i can't we are ry group it was but we are giving out too much too long. >> look at jesse jackson when he went into that church and said being a food stamp president is an honor. 145.7 million people were added to food stamps. there are people how the there that again qui genuinely need sd stamps. there are other people who look at it as free stuff. thor others who think there's nothing wrong with it being only it your entire life.
4:30 am
>> i am not going to say jesse jackson is red meat. i don't want to miss characterize his remarks. >> let's not talk over one another. the fact is people need help and what reverend jackson and other people have been discussing and myself. obama cares. you have to care about people who are struggling. what would you do take food off of tables of families take food out of the mouths of babies. 1 shun million americans need some kind of assistance. talk about living wages, put that on the table. >> mrs. jackson and ben ferguson. we lost ben's satellite. show his happy picture there. >> god bless ya'll. go to bed. god bless you. >> take care.
4:31 am
almost. >> joining us former deputy assistant president george w. bush. guys, this is the question i was asked the moat leading up to the election. why do we have the electoral college and is it fair when you live in a state where the popular vote exceeds the number of votes in the electoral college. >> a lot of democrats think it should be changed but it's not going to be. this is a debate that is going to go on for a long time. it is too hard to change it. we saw that from democrats after 2000. hillary clinton, al gore and other democrats say let's change it. it is here to say for a long time. >> it is hard for those who don't follow politics this dibeg our super bowl.
4:32 am
for the candidate wasn't doesn't get the electoral votes but does well in the popular vote it must be frustrating. >> it is. we saw that with al gore and bush in 2000. it would require a constitutional mainedment. i don't see that happening. sometime it is benefits republicans sometimes democrats. it helps smaller states. they came from big cities and big states. republicans have a majority of ev errors. >> what happens it leads in that day. i have heard far too man nae times from people who said why bother voting? my state is going to go to so and so. bob? >> i think it's going to be unfair either way you do it.
4:33 am
on brad's point about that. the opposite of that is that states like new york or you have wyoming, i mean it doesn't matter because you know -- with exceptions. you do need some changing demographics and some states like virginia that is a rae pub can state. some purple states but a lot are going to cry foul. >> there was a lot of debate where he grinned excessively. what role does biden play in the next four years? >> if you listen to joe bide ten he's a candidate in 20016.
4:34 am
there are some republicans who are starting rumorville after mid term elections joe biden will step downhill ry clinton will she become the air apparent. already we are talking about a kabuki theater in 2016. you have to love it. bob cusack, bob blakeman. bring back our super panel janeane bore relly, helen ratner, how careful does the republican party need to be especially over the course of the next month when they have to hammer out the sequestration issues? how careful do they have to be that they are not the party of no and earn the blame for huge
4:35 am
failure that could effect all americans? >> this is something that could have been done early on while obama was president for the first four years. we are looking at higher taxes. the death tax coming in. with the military losing funding. there is a lot of money and a lot of jobs that will be lost. there needs to be discussions that take place and they knead to get a plan in order. otherwise we are going around and around in sishlgs. the president said it's not going to happen. >> i was thinking he hopes against all hopes the republicans will have hichl with his win and understand people have spoken and they need to come to terms with what the people would like as embodyed by this election or milt romney was going to win he was going to have to go along with what people have said under that
4:36 am
scenario. >> they need different leaders. they didn't achieve the compromise that was needed when the see queststration was the only alternative. >> i like boehner. i like mcconnell. >> i think that all members of congress have to work together. the american people are tired of suffering. there will be a referendum on all of them house members in two years. all leaders need to do their part. >> they were all pretty much re-elected. >> there was a little more change in the senate. the president needs to be a combination of lbj who used to forfeiture people with i am your president. and what he said going up to the hill and washing the dog. he needs to do both. i think he will.
4:37 am
>> has he shown any sign of doing that in four years? >> when you are re-elected you have a freedom that you get. >> he is going to roll up his sleeves and talk with leaders of his own party. he wasn't done that in months. >> i see it and it is not just wishful thinking. >> you think it's more about policies more than politics. he is going to work with the congress. >> we had a grand rapids bargain under the table. he was cooperating with the president. it wasn't harry reid and mitch mcconnell it was paul ryan who decided they were going to take them home. >> they said they would change the terms. >> bottom line is this, these people need to understand that
4:38 am
the american people are sick of this. we need to get rid of the filibuster and a lot of issue that is need to get done. >> if they don't solve it by january 1st we are headed to another recession. p lun will be deeper. we will be back with you sportily. >> when we come back we are get the latest on the 11 governor's race that were decided. stay were you are. we will be right back. where others fail, droid powers through.
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>> take a look at a few more races. rep republicans turned to voters in nearly a dozen states on governor's maps across our country. delaware first. take a look at this. 69 to 29 with jack markell taking that. mike pence walking away with the governor ship in indiana. nicks son and pence on that one. montana deef bullet take that go one for the great state of montana. new hampshire maggie haston take that go race. north carolina line knew moving on.
4:42 am
55 percent for the republican there in north carolina. north talk brian tae ryat ryan t go one. ue saw governor cook and herbert as you can see the republican taking that governor ship. we move on to vermont. democrats win there. washington state is next in the governor's race. there it is too close to call at this .51 to 4 percent we are going to keep an eye on that state for you. >> earl ray dom lynn walked away 51 to 46. >> did we put montana up again. close 49 to 47. we will let you know. 70 percent and we will et you
4:43 am
know where the feek end spuls. >> our decision team is hard including florida. that may be days before we know. no changing chads this time at all. >> exit polls show voters have the economy on their line but still deciding to give president obama to answer the problem. what else do they reveal about the sel year. senior head core of the daily caller. gutting an early start to your day from late night. >> i have had going to say. >> what did you get out of these exit polls? >> apparently -- first of all before we get to the exit polls it seems the rel clear politics average seem to be on for all of these. the exit polls seem to show americans do not they were
4:44 am
willing to give him another chance to right the course of the nation. many thought he favored middle class just opposed romney aer policyings caring primarily about the red. >> that shows the success of the president's strategy right from the get doe go is to paint mitt romney out of touch businessman or patient businessman who shut down factories and only wanted to give a tax break for the rich. i thought after the first debate that whole strategy might have gone away when mitt romney piered on stage and americans
4:45 am
thought he was miss characterized. maybe that was wrong. maybe that loeting in the beginning worked and they saw mitt romney out of touch and two retch to understand that. i am going to raise the tax on those who earn more than 250,000 a year. one would argue that's not rich. it would make a one-percent dent in the deficit. did romney fail to get that obvious point across? >> there is no question that pointed needed to be hammered home. maybe he tried the best he could and people ignored it. talking our long-term budget crisis 100 trillion in unfunded liability raising taxes on the
4:46 am
reach would be nothing to do that. you have to go to medicare and social security the entitlement programs where the unfunded liabilities are. the president came to a one-out the election. >> let me ask you about two other factors it has been pointed out repeatedly through out the night that is that it was a brutal primary campaign that may have damaged the image of the republican nominee and you add on to that. the president's add in negative advertising. some of it is arguably dishonest. how much of an impact? >> i don't know how much the primary campaign had. my guess is not so much. i am not sure a lot of people who voted in the general election were paying that much attention during the primary race. i think the president's ad may have had an impact in the end. i thought at the end of the day
4:47 am
if they didn't work when romney came on age and appeared. they were claiming as you showed in the exit polls you had have an impact. he says what do you think about nascar? some of my best friends own nascar. maybe they isn't kacan't relate. >> john as ugly as john adams and thomas jefferson. i remember that one so well. i was just a kid. >> accused of being a hermaphrodite. >> i know. gary win steen thank you very much. thank you for sharing that one. thanks so much. good to see you. >> we will on't be ending our coverage on that one. >> the president election sure is one for the history books. our panel looks forward to where we go from here. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
4:48 am
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4:50 am
>> president owe bam maup and governor romney physical -- romney driving thousands of miles during their campaign trying to woo the swing state voters. victory for the president. joining us to weigh in on the vote fox news contributor sally combs and national review
4:51 am
magazine and co author of "wh'se counting." sally welcome backment john thank you for being with us. what are the headlines? for you what's the headline out of the election? >> obama wins vindication. he managed to convince the american people that the sour economy he inherited is on the mend and barack obama managed to portray opponent mitt romney as someone who is out of touch with american's opinions. he also managed to add the democratic strength in the senate. a remarkable achievement. but he is not going to be able to fulfill his complete agenda because republicans may gain seats in the house ironically. it is a strange status poll
4:52 am
election. >> do you think we will hear over the next four years more about the economy that president obama inherited because that was raised quite a bit in the first four years. can he continue to look that far back? >> i think the narrative of the economy he inherited was about defining the first few months of saying, look, how quickly did you expect me to be able to turn it around? but he has been very clear, the president has been very clear he has had 31 straight consecutive months of private sector job growth in the last 31 months. we have turned a corner on that. >> i figured that but it's that one comment that if i don't turn it around in three years i am a one-term president. >> you know what? i consider 31 straight months of private sector job growth and unemployment moving in the right direction, again it could be better but i consider that turning things around. if we want to rehash the
4:53 am
election and the argument the president made to the american voters i am happy to do it. >> no, no, i gave that you. things are moving in the right direction slower than even the president wants. i wondered if there were regrets in say that. but the results are in. >> here's the reality muffling forward we have a divided country and divided washington. the difference this morning is that one party, one leader has been vindicated. let's not forget the house republicans have the lowest approval rating. i mean certainly in recent years if not ever. now have to decide are they going to continue with their unpopular policies, their obstructions and which may work in a few states. >> i think the president talks a lot about getting everyone on the same page and working together. thank you to get both of you.
4:54 am
first a bit of breaking news the associated press calling the race for -- it just went away here. michelle back mhmann in minneso. tea party favorite michelle bachmann beat her opponent a close race there. a lot of money was spent on this one. this is the district she now has a pretty solid hold on. the boundaries were changed to increase republicans. tight race for michelle bachmann. they are still here they are still talking. let's get back to our super panel. we have been listening to the candidate's closing arguments the last several days now it is your turn. ellen let's begin with you your thoughts on this day. first of all this is a great day but it is a good day for women. i think women did very well. almost the second year of women i think that they did well with obama they did well in congress and the senate.
4:55 am
i think that the attempt to demonize obama did not work and i also think the ground game of the president and in virginia alone they knocked on 600,000 doors over the weekend. kids ground organization. >> where do we go from here? we have a country divided. we have people living apart. we have people doing jobs. i think that the congress and the president have to work together. they are going to have to govern differently and they are going to have to compromise. that is what washington, d.c. is all about. julie? >> i said before this election happens whoever the next president was going to be that he would have to be accepted as legitimate president. he was not going to be legitimizeed by his opposition. whoever it was going to be whether romney or obama needed to be the person everybody else poled around. they will have made their choice clear. that's exactly what happened tonight voters expressed their choice. may not be a choice everybody is happy with but nevertheless the
4:56 am
voters have spoken. i wish everybody would accept their choice including the house republicans the american people have spoken they need to come to the table for barack obama. >> our country has serious problems, high unemployment, our economy is limping along. the question is can obama be a true ledder and be held accountable. >> this is the most calm you have been in the three hours. wow. you guys running out of gas? >> we are all doing other shows right after this. >> i have been reading in the new york post. let me read the headlines again. hail oh caesar. if you dig deeper their main point, it is a point we have been making is that the president won the women. mitt romney won the men. for the future of the republican
4:57 am
party how janeane do republicans change that dynamic if they want to win future races? >> continue the message of fiscal responsibility limited government and personal responsibility. >> you have a lot of women opening um small businesses. what are you going to do for entrepreneurs and small business and capitalism and free enterprise. it is about the message. we need to change our strategy. >> angela mcgowen. janeane burrell lee. thank you all. >> great to be with you today. it was an incredibly historic 24-hours. so happy that you joined us. the news continues right here on the fox news channel at
4:58 am
>> fox and friends first will take it over from here. have a great day everybody. >> take care. thanks again.
4:59 am
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